DroneTracker Will Warn You About Sneaky Drones

DroneTracker Will Warn You About Sneaky Drones

When it comes to technology, people are always about the latest craze. From touchscreens to internet connected devices, people often swarm and buy the latest thing, causing advances in the technology that governments and organisations often can’t deal with. The problem with drones is it’s quite hard to keep track of them, with the devices getting smaller and smaller the Drone Tracker hopes to give everyone a chance at tracking the devices.

The company behind the technology, Dedrone, has created DroneTracker. Using a combination of microphones, wireless sensors, video cameras and infrared sensors the DroneTracker helps detect drones as they approach. In a test of the device, Arstechnica used the hardware to detect an incoming drone but the more interesting feature comes after the drone was detected.

After detecting an incoming drone the system emails you, including a description of the suspected drone and an image of it. With up to 1,600 feet range, with the ability to track drone movements and alert you can even get a jammer for a little extra.

The DroneTracker starts at $10,000 per installation, ending in the hundreds of thousands. With so many people worried about what drone technology can do and the military looking at how to grow their own drones, can you blame people for wanting a little warning before they take a picture?


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