Facebook Will Display Your Post In 44 Languages

Facebook Will Display Your Post In 44 Languages

With social media uniting the world, technology is starting to blur the lines between people from different continents and countries. However much like the tower of Babel, there is a barrier that often makes it difficult to communicate between countries, the language barrier. Facebook is hoping to unite billions of its user’s by removing that barrier.

While we say removing the barrier, Facebook is just going to reshape it by utilizing their translation software as a stepping stone. Currently, if Facebook detects a post is in a different language, it lets you translate it using their translation tool, but starting today Facebook is doing away with your step, instead automatically translating your post to one of 44 languages.

If your language is set to English, you’ll see posts translated posts appearing on your Facebook feed while any of the other 43 languages will experience the same feature in their preferred language.

With celebrities and business posting on social media for thousands to read on a daily basis, the ability to read the post with ease means you’ll be able to enjoy the social media platform without having to “click to read”. With platforms like Skype automatically translating your conversations, the language barrier between people is slowly being torn down by technology.


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