Flexpoint Announces Manus VR Glove Production

Flexpoint Announces Manus VR Glove Production

US sensor manufacturer Flexpoint has revealed that it is to produce virtual reality articulated hand tracking gloves on behalf of Manus VR. The partnership has already entered its first phase, with production to customise Flexpoint’s Bend Sensor technology to fit the Manus VR gloves.

“Combining high fashion with precision electronics is a difficult feat to manage,” Manus VR CTO Maarten Witteveen said (via VRFocus). “The new flex foil design allows us to create an aesthetically pleasing product without any cluttering wires. We are pleased with the public developer kit which will be released in the coming months.”

Upon production, Flexpoint expects to deliver hundreds of thousands of sensor systems for the Manus VR gloves beginning the second-half of 2016 as the hardware enters mass production.

“Flexpoint is proud to be fully integrated into the virtual reality product that a prestigious firm like Manus VR is launching,” Paul Sexauer, Flexpoint VP Sales and Marketing, added. “We anticipate a long-term business partnership that is mutually beneficial. This relationship validates and reinforces our unique position in the exciting and rapidly growing VR market.”

Pre-order registrations for Manus VR gloves began back in December 2015, with the development kit is priced at €250. The kit includes a pair of gloves, SDKs for Android, Windows, Linux, iOS 9, and Mac OSX, Unity and Unreal plug-ins, plus a Manus VR demo game relevant to each platform.


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