German Police Raid Hate Content Posters

German Police Raid Hate Content Posters

The internet has many sides. The light side, where people post pictures requesting that people use Pokémon Go lures at hospitals to help those unable to walk around and play the game, to the dark side where people will post offensive comments and remarks just to laugh and mock people. The latest step to help stop hate crime online comes from Germany where the police have successfully raided houses belonging to people responsible for hate content online.

This wasn’t just a single raid, instead, the German Police successfully pulled off co-ordinated raids at 60 addresses. Holger Munch, president of Germany’s federal criminal police authority, the Bundeskriminalamt stated that “Today’s action makes it clear that police authorities of the federal and state governments act firmly against hate and incitement on the internet.”

Police stated that the hate speech took place in a secret Facebook group between July and November last year and follows a string of remarks targeted at Facebook, Google, and Twitter for their slow responses to remove hate speech from their networks.

With more and more companies agreeing to act and remove hate speech within 24 hours you may quickly see the internet becoming a cleaner place with less hate speech.


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