Google Wants To Recognize Everything

Google Wants To Recognize Everything

Google isn’t one to shy away from looking into new technology and this time, it may be looking to expand on its reverse image recognition software. The reverse image lookup was added to google what seems like eons ago now but lets you upload an image and find copies of it online. The latest acquisition from Google looks to bring this technology to your shopping, letting you instantly recognize an object and search for it online.

The firm, Moodstocks is looking to move to Google’s Paris R&D site, offering the startup company to offer “great image recognition tools within Google“. The video below shows just how much the software is capable of doing and this could bring about a whole new meaning to the term “google it”.

Imagine finding something you love in a shop but the price seems a little too high, take a picture and instantly find all the prices online through Google’s shops. Maybe you like the product but not the style? Find the owners site and see what else they have to offer for you. While these are not new ideas, being able to search for an actual product through Google could help thousands quickly find the best deals within moments.


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