How Many Companies Build Their Employees Treehouses?

How Many Companies Build Their Employees Treehouses?

When it comes to childhood dreams, very few topped that of building a base. A place to call your own where you could relax and enjoy the little bits of quiet that life grants you. As you grow up these dreams often get put behind, forcing you to instead sit in front of a TV for just a moment of “peace”, but it would seem Amazon are rekindling that childhood dream of one particular base in order to renew and relax their employee’s strength throughout the day. The type of base is particularly interesting in that it will take the form of a set of treehouses.

The new treehouses, all joined up, will be built in downtown Seattle and won’t just house their employees for those relaxing minutes in the day. As well as acting as a refuge for staff throughout the day the special greenhouses the treehouses will be built within will house over 3,000 species of plants, many of which are currently endangered.

While Amazon has a bad reputation for how it treats its employees it would seem that this is every grown adult dream for their office’s quiet corner. At first only open to Amazon employees (all the way in 2018), the domes would eventually be opened to the public and bringing a little bit of the woodlands to the city.


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