Microsoft Confirms Future Games Will Come To PC

Microsoft Confirms Future Games Will Come To PC

With people awaiting the next generation of consoles the decision to buy or not to buy could come down to something as simple as what games you can get. Microsoft is looking to get a headstart on the console race courtesy of their Xbox Play Anywhere program, but now it would seem that people who don’t want to own a console are getting good news. The good news being that all of Microsoft’s future games will be coming to PC as well as their Xbox console.

After revealing the Xbox Play Anywhere program, a system which would see you paying for a game once and the enjoying on both console and PC is all too tempting but the latest statement from Microsoft sees PC gamers gaining even better news about future games.

With the Xbox Play Anywhere program, you can buy a game once and play on your Windows 10 PC and Xbox One with shared progress, shared game saves and shared achievements.

Every new title published from Microsoft Studios will support Xbox Play Anywhere and will be easily accessible in the Windows Store.

The new news means that games like Gears of War 4, ReCore, Halo Wars 2 and We Happy Few will be coming to PC. The only hope is that PC gamers will be slightly more impressed with the future games given Microsoft’s bad history with releases via the UWP platform.


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