Microsoft Helps Developers Implement Multi GPU Support in DX12

Microsoft Helps Developers Implement Multi GPU Support in DX12

Even though few games actually support Microsoft’s new API at the time of writing, and even fewer were actually built from the ground-up to support DirectX 12, Microsoft is looking towards the future and hopes to make the new API the standard over the coming years. One of the most exciting features about DX12 apart from its improved performance is that it can actually act as a bridge for multi-GPU support. Obviously, many gamers are wondering if they’ll be able to pair up Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, or even dedicated graphics cards with integrated solutions, and it definitely looks like we’re getting closer and closer to this goal.

Microsoft has recently announced that it will offer a new abstraction layer for game developers, which could be used to implement multiple GPU support in their DX12 games. However, even though the layer will require minimal coding, developers will still need to make proper use of Explicit Multi Adaptor, which could complicate things a bit. The company has stated that it is still making some final tweaks and testing before releasing this new abstraction layer, but it’s probably safe to assume that developers will be able to get their hands on it very soon.


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