Microsoft Working on Surface PC?

Microsoft Working on Surface PC?

Microsoft is known for their software, with the windows operating system and Microsoft Office looking commonplace in offices and homes around the world for years. With competition rising against their software, Microsoft has started looking at hardware (dropping their mobiles phones thanks to poor receptions and failed promises). Recently Microsoft has been focused on their line of Surface tablets, and most recently the tablet/laptop hybrid the Surface Book. It could soon be that the Surface comes to your desk though with rumours pointing to a Surface PC.

The latest rumour states that the Surface PC would be an all-in-one PC designed for everyday use in your house or at work. Supposed to contain the latest Intel processor, the Kaby Lake. With nothing else really known at this point except that you could soon the desktop announced as soon as this quarter, you might get to hear about it sooner rather than later.

Now for the speculation train. Given that the information comes from “industry sources” and was then collaborated by Daniel Rubino at Windows Central who stated that “reliable sources” had told him the same thing, could we be seeing a larger 24-inch variation of the surface? Will it contain upgradable components or will you need to buy the latest model for any chance of an upgrade?


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