Millions of Android Phones Infected by HummingBad Apps!

Millions of Android Phones Infected by HummingBad Apps!

When it comes to viruses we are always being reminded about our computers. What about our other devices? When did you last virus scan your mobile phone? How about that new smartwatch you’ve noticed has started running a little slow? With researchers now estimating that the HummingBad strain of malicious apps could have infected over 10 million devices, now might be the time to get some anti-virus software on your phone.

The news comes from security research firm Check Point who have stated that they now expect more than 50,000 fraudulent apps are now installed every day! Given the standard revenue a single app can produce, they estimate that these apps are generating around $300,000 per month for their creators.

The main source of this surge in the HummingBad (also known as an extension of the Shedun series of viruses according to mobile security company Lookout) is the fact that they are able to silently “root” devices, giving them access at an elevated level without the user ever knowing about them.

With a majority of the devices being found in the US and China, the viruses currently seem to focus on older versions of the Android operating system. This exposes a flaw in the current production of systems for mobiles in which you either upgrade and pay for the latest hardware or expose yourself to risks which have been present for years.


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