Mozilla Separates Your Browsing With Containers

Mozilla Separates Your Browsing With Containers

You’re at work and suddenly realise, you were expecting that important email or needed to quickly purchase something on Amazon. The problem is that you’re already logged in with the work account. Aside from opening up a private browser (something that never looks right at work) or turning on your private laptop (because your boss will love that), there isn’t much you can do. Mozilla wants to solve that problem by giving your browsing Containers.

Currently an experimental feature in the nightly version, Containers would let you bring together different contexts that you operate within all in a single browsing session. Tanvi Vyas, a security engineer for Mozilla, explains that this will allow “users to log in to multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously and gives users the ability to segregate site data for improved privacy and security”.

With some people using browsers for different reasons, e.g. one for personal items and everyday browsing while the other is used just for finance and secure emails, this feature would enable you to contain all of your information, possibly causing headaches for anyone who hopes to target you with ads.

Currently, Containers lets you open a “container tab” for one of four profiles. Sadly the feature won’t be making it to the release version until they deal with the confusion and issues that come with offering four different experiences within a single window.


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