Museum of London Bringing Great Fire of London to Minecraft

Museum of London Bringing Great Fire of London to Minecraft

When it comes educational games, Minecraft is getting more and more attention as it goes. From the original concept of building the world in blocks to the survival and sculptures that the game now features, Minecraft has come a long way. Now it would seem that they’ve teamed up with the Museum of London to create the city at a time where it was up in smoke and destruction, during the great fire of London.

The new exhibition titled the Great Fire 1666 exhibition, will be released online and is open for all to download and enjoy. According to their press release players won’t just see the city but will be able to “walk down the streets of London, interact with the very people of 1666, combat the flames, and rebuild their own vision of the capital.

Like many games, the player will be able to search for and find audio clips, telling them just what the surrounding area features. Come September when the next stage releases the players will be tasked with not just viewing the city but fighting the fire before finally challenging you to rebuild the city in all of its former glory.

With so many options, what other events and eras would you like to see come alive in Minecraft?


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