Nanotech ‘Tattoos’ Can Track Facial Expressions

Nanotech ‘Tattoos’ Can Track Facial Expressions

While people may enjoy tattoos, a new trend could see temporary ‘tattoos’ tracking muscles and could eventually even see its use in artificial prosthetics.

The new technology has been reported by researchers from the university of Tel Aviv. The new non-invasive carbon electrodes that appear similar to cybernetic tattoos and can track muscles and nerve activities within the body.

The technology was developed by Professor Yael Hanein as an alternative method to traditional methods which would see electrodes implanted into muscle tissue with even more electrodes on the surface and sticky gel placed on the skin. While these methods are currently used, they cause great discomfort to those who often have to go about daily lives (if they are able to at all) while having their actions monitored.

The new ‘tattoo’ type method “permits patients to carry on with their daily routines, while the electrode monitors their muscle and nerve activity”. Or as Prof Hanein explained it, “stick it on and forget about it”.

Beyond measurement and tracking the new system could be used for tracking facial patterns during questioning or even used to help stroke victims or even be used as an interface between amputees and their artificial limbs.


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