Netflix is Being Sued For Its Price Hikes

Netflix is Being Sued For Its Price Hikes

Netflix is one of, if not the, largest digital streaming systems. Offering movies and TV series to millions of users all over the world the service has recently revealed that it will be increasing its prices, raising the cost of both the standard prices while also offering the HD package the increasing pay could end up costing Netflix courtesy of a lawsuit for its recent price hikes.

Customer George Keritsis stated that when he signed up to the service he was afforded a life long fee of $7.99 each month, with the promise that this would never change. The problem is that with the recent hikes being reported he phoned up Netflix and was informed that his deal would be grandfathered through the price hikes.

The first price hike, raising his fee from $7.99 to $8.99 went without contest, the recent price hike up to $9.99 has now got Keritsis upping arms. After being told that everyone’s rates were going up, Keritsis is now going to court in what could become a class-action suit with an estimated 22 million people affected by the change it could end up costing Netflix even more if they are found to have breached their original contract.

Could this cause trouble for other services which charge per month? Only time will tell how this lawsuit goes.


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