Pokémon Go Cheater Uses A Drone To Catch ‘Em All

Pokémon Go Cheater Uses A Drone To Catch ‘Em All

As the game increases in popularity people are finding more and more ways to enjoy the real world adventure of Pokémon Go. From people getting taxi lifts to their favourite locations to hundreds gathering at locations all around the world to face off against one another, one smart person realised that they could avoid the pain of travelling by using his drone to catch ’em all.

In order to catch ’em all, a smart Go player realised that they could strap their phone to their DJI Phantom drone, using the software AirDroid to then mirror their screen on their PC.

While this may seem like a clever plan by team Rocket (or one of the many teams that now exist) this concept now gets rid of the unintended side effect that comes with the latest mobile hit, exercise. With the egg incubator requiring users to walk a certain distance (not picking up if you’re travelling too fast, such as in a car or on a train, the drone can be programmed to fly at just the right speed.

Instead of seeing lots of Ash Ketchum’s trying to catch ’em all around your local area you could soon see drones a mass around key locations. The next question is, how will we deal with it when the drones refuse to hand over ‘their’ legendaries?


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