Route 66 To Welcome Solar Road Technology

Route 66 To Welcome Solar Road Technology

We love smart technology. Enhancing our lives with everything from new phones to virtual worlds which we can hold meetings and play games in. We’ve even started creating self-driving cars and smart artificial assistants. The problem is that while we are creating more and more technology to use, we are often left using old technology or resources to enjoy our new gadgets. One such example is the road you go on to drive those new self-driving cars, ever notice how they haven’t changed in so many years? Route 66 may change that as it plans to be the testing grounds for the solar road, a whole new type of road that will replace old tarmac with new technology.

Solar Road’s are designed as not just a way of leading your path from A to B but as a way of gathering sunlight, rather than wasting the sunlight that traditionally hit roads. The idea is that the initial test will check to see if the new roads can gather enough solar energy to be viable. Combine their power generating abilities with the LED lights and heating elements that will melt away snow, the added bonus of their quick to repair nature and tempered glass means that potholes will become a thing of the past.

With so many benefits, we can only hope that the trial is a success so that we welcome Solar Roadways to the world as we get to enjoy smoother safer roads.


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