Security Robot Tackles A Toddler

Security Robot Tackles A Toddler

When it comes to robots, they can do all kinds of things. From the airborne drones that will soon deliver your weekly shopping or late night takeaways to the deep sea divers that could soon explore the darkest depths of the planet. Robots are even taking over the common jobs or helping supplement roles that may be considered difficult or require that little extra help such as security. One such incident took place in which a rather active security robot tackled a toddler.

The security robot was a 5″ tall Knightscope security robot which was on patrol at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California when the incident took place. According to the child’s mother, the robot hit her son in the head, resulting in him falling to the floor face down. To add insult to this injury the robot then walked all over, or rather ran over, the boys right foot leaving it swelling and wearing a scrape.

The mother is reported to have said that a security guard mentioned that this wasn’t the first incident in which a child was injured by one of the security robots, raising into question just how effective these bots are for everything but their pre-programmed alerts for abnormal noises and known criminals.


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