‘Super Boss Gaiden’ Created for Rare Nintendo PlayStation Prototype

‘Super Boss Gaiden’ Created for Rare Nintendo PlayStation Prototype

Last year there was an amazing discovery made by the retro gaming community: an original prototype of the unreleased Nintendo Playstation, which, surprisingly turned out not to be a fake. Unfortunately, due to the cancellation of the console, there were no original games developed for the system, until now.

Developed by two German programmers, Chrono Moogle and Dieter Lazer, Super Boss Gaiden is the first original game confirmed to interface with the Nintendo Playstation hardware (via emulation) and the only game ever to take advantage of SNES CD-ROM technology. The game is a comedic 16-bit action platformer featuring an enraged Sony boss who just learnt that unlicensed software had been created and released for the abandoned SNES CD-ROM system. Influenced by classic games such as Mega Man and River City Ransom, the executive rampages across a number of levels in their search for those responsible for the resurgence in popularity of the Nintendo Playstation.

Super Boss Gaiden can be played on both SNES consoles via emulation or custom flash cartridges or the disc version of the game can be burnt and played on the Nintendo Playstation prototype or by using the no$sns emulator which recently added support for the Nintendo Playstation prototype thanks to a BIOS dump. Unfortunately, both versions of the game are largely identical as it turns out that the CD addition to the SNES would provide the system with little benefit beyond the increased capacity of the optical disc format.

Those wanting to try out Super Boss Gaiden for themselves can find it as a free download here, with the standard ROM version of the game playable on most popular SNES emulators.


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