Superhuman Strength Thanks to the RoboGlove

Superhuman Strength Thanks to the RoboGlove

When it comes to superpowers there is a pretty common one that people crave. The gift of super strength is not one to be taken lightly and it would seem that even NASA wants it. Thanks to the glove they use to control robots aboard the international space station and a partnership with General motors the RoboGlove is going to give the wielder superstrength.

Well okay, full disclaimer it won’t entirely be super strength. The new glove which will be created on a similar design from Bioservo’s SEM Glove. The SEM Glove is a battery powered glove that is designed to amplify and multiply the wielder’s grip, but thanks to the actuators and sensors in the current RoboGlove NASA could end up with a more powerful design.

The idea is to give the users the ability to wield tools for longer without any difficulty or dexterity issues and thanks to it being a simple glove (well exo-suit for your hand) the current tools used won’t have to be adjusted to manipulated like they do for other systems.

General Motors hope to test the new glove internally, looking at it uses and even possibly using it to help in physical rehab for those who have suffered injuries or treatments that have caused issues with their hands.


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