Talos Security Find Security Bugs in iOS and Mac OS X

Talos Security Find Security Bugs in iOS and Mac OS X

Cisco’s Talon security team are good at their job, so good in fact that they have now revealed not just one but multiple security vulnerabilities that put both iOS devices and Mac OS X devices at risk!

The bugs have since been fixed, with each of the five vulnerabilities addressed in the latest versions of the operating systems. These vulnerabilities would allow malicious code to be inserted whenever your OS X opened BMP, TIFF, OpenEXR or Digital Asset Exchange file types.

If this seems like a small threat, remember that iMessages would automatically render the images when they receive it, leaving your computer open to a threat at a moment’s notice without any chance of stopping it. The threat has been compared to several attacks on Android phones but people have been keen to shut down what has been seen as “hypothetical” attacks.

Apple has declined to comment on the risks but with both OS X El Captain and iOS 9.3.3 fixing the issues as of their release on the 18th July (the day before Talos released their report outlining the errors). With more and more risks coming out on a daily basis, companies are having to fight to stay ahead and support from groups like Talos is helping them not only fix issues but also address them before the public gets to exploit them.


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