The eTruck – The First Electric Semi Revealed by Mercedes

The eTruck – The First Electric Semi Revealed by Mercedes

With more and more companies looking at electric vehicles, cars aren’t the only vehicle getting the electric treatment. With buses and shuttles getting electric batteries, more and more companies are looking at getting in on electric vehicles with trucks and lorries getting the electric treatment. The first electric semi has now been revealed by Mercedes, with it expecting to hit the public roads for testing soon.

The electric truck goes by the title of the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck and like most electric vehicles it doesn’t seem to pump out much noise. Weighing in at 26 metric tonnes, the eTruck will be the first electric semi to hit the roads.

The new semi will be used to move cargo for miles but with a maximum range of just 124 miles, the eTruck won’t be able to make it across countries and continents without a rather large charge. The Urban prefix gives away the intended use of the eTruck, with the quiet truck hauling all your shopping needs across the city.

According to the company, the truck may not be seen on the roads until the start of the next decade. With the cost of components dropping and the popularity of electric vehicles increasing, the trucks could come at a perfect time.


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