UK Driving Test To Include Sat Navs

UK Driving Test To Include Sat Navs

When it comes to driving tests, they’ve remained pretty much the same for years. This goes against the recent trend in vehicles to incorporate new technologies. One such technology, Sat Navs, has made its way into the UK driving test.

Sat Navs (short for Satellite Navigation devices) allow the user to track their location-based on satellite signals, with many also offering directions to intended destinations (or occasionally a river). Under the new plans, the independent driving section of the test will now double to take up 20 minutes, with drivers expected to “manage and prioritise distractions” including directions from a sat nav.

The Driver And Vehicle standards agency (DVSA) argues that the recently uptake in vehicles and drivers using sat nav’s is a “change in driver behaviour [that] should be reflected in the test”. The sat nav will be provided by the assessor so it’s unlikely you will come across a Mr T voiced system during your test.

The changes are open to the public for comments until the proposals deadline on August 25th. Do you use a sat nav when driving? Do you have one built into your car? Do you think people should learn how to drive with a sat nav or are we too reliant on something which could run out of battery just as easily as your mobile phone?


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