Watch Incredible Glass Explosion at 343,000 FPS!

Watch Incredible Glass Explosion at 343,000 FPS!

We’ve all been told those tales about what not to do in the kitchen. One I will always remember is not to put glass in a microwave because the second the container cooled it would explode. Now it would appear that the Slow Mo Guys have come to prove all of our parents right and show us just how deadly a little cold in the warm glass could do.

Filming at a whopping 343,000 frames per second, somewhat higher than the 30/60 frames per second argument that often divides gamers, the Slow Mo guys managed to not only capture the effect of cold water on a heated glass jug, but also what it does to your surroundings immediately after shattering.

By heating a glass measuring jar with a blow torch they replicated the act of placing the jar on a cooking hob only to then add a drop of ice cold water. To help clean up afterwards the team even put down a plastic sheet, only to have the glass shards melt straight through the plastic.

The second test didn’t go as planned, experiencing an explosion without any cold water involved. In order to compare the results, in the time it took the handle to shatter two water droplets could hit someone’s eye before they could even react.

What really matters here though, is the epic slow-mo video, now that’s some seriously cool camera tech!


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