Waves Nx Give Your Headphones 3D Sound

Waves Nx Give Your Headphones 3D Sound

When it comes to sound, we’ve not done much to change in since we started pumping it through speakers all those years ago. We started with mono sounds, pumping everything from any speaker that would allow it and then we decided to go to stereo sound. Stereo brought us sound from both left and right sides, giving us the illusion of locations and positions. Now we’ve got 3D sound and a new Kickstarter could upgrade your old headphones to give you just that.

Waves Nx is designed to give 3D sound to any pair of headphones. Coming as part software and part hardware “Waves Nx is an application that you install on your desktop computer or mobile device. Once the application is installed, Nx recreates – on any set of headphones – the same three-dimensional experience as listening to sound in the real world.”.

If your headphones did stereo sound then Waves Nx will allow them to become 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound on your headphones. Apparently, this works “even if the movie you’re watching or the game you’re playing were not originally mixed for surround.”

Costing just $79 with some spaces left on the $69 early bird special you can even get the head tracker that allows the sound to follow your movement as you turn your head around the room.


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