White House Offers $400 Million For 5G Research

White House Offers $400 Million For 5G Research

When it comes to mobile technology, we have moved from sending simple texts and voice signals to streaming entire movies and playing games while walking around. With all of this information going around the world and through the air, new technologies are looking at bringing faster and more stable networks to everyone and with the White House pledging money to help further the advancement of 5G, you might soon be able to stream a movie and play your favourite mobile games without any lag.

With the FCC adopting a whole new set of rules for the innovation and development of 5G technology, the White House has now pledged 400 million dollars to help guide the creation of a network a hundred times faster than the 4G networks we currently enjoy.

With mobile providers AT&T and Verizon already looking at testing the new networks, it won’t be long before we see them being advertised with the latest handsets. Using spectrums above 24 GHz, the new high-speed network could go hand in hand with other high-speed networks currently in development.

With more and more of our lives being lived wirelessly, it won’t be long before we can stream entire Pok√©mon tournaments taking place in your very own front garden.


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