Steam Will Let People Make SteamVR Peripherals Royalty-Free

Steam Will Let People Make SteamVR Peripherals Royalty-Free

Virtual Reality has become the latest craze for gamers and technological enthusiasts alike. With the ability to become part of their game, virtual reality brings us closer to the action and one of the main contributors to gamers in this technology is Valve. SteamVR lets gamers easily download and play their favourite VR games through one of the biggest digital delivery platforms. Now it looks like Valve wants to support this by letting people make SteamVR peripherals royalty-free.

All licenses for the systems tracking interfaces will be free, with SteamVR offering the ability to develop VR systems for use in digital space. If you wanted to create a new VR peripheral, such as a pair of gloves to track your hands or a sword to fight off your enemies, the new devices would need to interact with and be tracked by the systems.

Now companies can request the hardware required to do just that, with everything from the circuit boards and tracking boxes required to 40 different sensors to help track and follow your new peripherals.

While the licenses may be free, you’ll have to attend a seminar by Synapse, a Seattle-based consulting firm with a cost of $2,975 per attendant. The cost of which may put off your everyday developer who wants to start tinkering with and exploring the world of virtual reality development.


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