Fotokite Drone @ CeBIT Preview 2017

Drones are a big part of CeBIT 2017, from consumer models to solutions for large businesses. One of the most unique and interesting ones, however, is the Fotokite. This one is very user-friendly as it doesn’t require traditional drone controls thanks to its leash system. You simply turn it on, and it’ll fly its self next to you. You can make it go further away or nearer to you with simple gestures, allowing you to take pictures of yourself, or from above the crowd at an event with relative ease.

Above the crowd, that’s the key factor here, as this is the first drone of its kind that’s been cleared for use in public areas and events. This is a huge deal, and goes to highlight the safety of this drone compared to its free-flying rivals. Plus it wraps up in this neat and tidy carry case when you’re done with it.

There will be two models, a regular and a pro, with the pro being able to transmit video and also charge via the tether, allowing it to fly for hours on end!

Thank you Netzmedien for the video.


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