LG To Unveil Tone Studio and Tone Free At CES 2017

LG To Unveil Tone Studio and Tone Free At CES 2017

LG are set to unveil a new range of wireless and wearable devices at CES 2017, with the Tone Studio and Tone Free being just two of them.

The Tone Studio will feature “four speakers – two full range on the top and two vibrating on the bottom”. Developed with sound experts at DTS, they state it will “bring a realistic theater-like sound for a cinematic experience wherever you may be.”

Another feature will include DualPlay, this will enable users to “connect two LG TONE Studio wearable speakers and share the sound from a movie, playlist or more.”

Next up is the Tone Free, LG’S first wireless product to come with wireless earbuds. The earbuds will charge whenever they are placed into the neckband. There will also be an optional charging cradle to charge the earbuds. The Tone Free will also feature voice commands for answering or ignoring calls.

LG To Unveil Tone Studio and Tone Free At CES 2017

Tone Studio and Tone Free are just two of the devices that will feature at CES 2017, others in the line up will include;
TONE Infinim
TONE Ultra
TONE Platinum
TONE Active+

It seems LG are fully committed to the wearable tech market and these planned devices are certainly going to be interesting additions to the market. Michael Park, vice president of Innovative Personal Devices Business Division at LG Electronics said;

“We are committed to leading the way in this fast moving market by developing exciting new products which appeal to every music-loving and convenience-seeking individual.”

Wearable tech is certainly becoming more commonplace, and it is interesting to watch the different companies go about things in their own unique ways.

LG has certainly taken a different approach to wearable tech, and I look forward to seeing more information as people get hands on with them during CES 2017.

Would you feel comfortable wearing this type of device?


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