Former Google VP Unveils Clean Nuclear Energy Project

Former Google VP Unveils Clean Nuclear Energy Project

A former Vice President for Google’s parent company Alphabet has launch a new company which aims to deliver clean and safe nuclear power. The company, Apollo Fusion, is designing cheap “hybrid” reactors that will be at no risk of experiencing nuclear meltdown.

“We’re working on revolutionary hybrid reactor technology with fusion power to serve safe, clean, and affordable electricity to everyone,” The Apollo Fusion website reads. “Apollo Fusion power plants are designed for zero-consequence outcomes to loss of cooling or loss of control scenarios and they cannot melt down.”

While Cassidy is bold in his support for clean energy and his concerns over climate change, he is keeping the details of Apollo Fusion’s revolutionary nuclear reactors close to his chest.

“I believe that global warming is real and I believe we are just dumping tons and tons of CO2 into our atmosphere that is heating up the globe,” Cassidy told Bloomberg. “Environmentalists have struggled for a while over whether nuclear power is good or bad. I think most of the more thoughtful environmentalists now view nuclear as good. If you can find a way to do nuclear power that doesn’t have the downsides, the risky, runaway meltdowns, or things like that, it’s a real win for the planet.”

Cassidy is certainly a pioneer: while at Google – where he still acts as a consultant – he headed up Alphabet’s X research lab and ran the company’s Project Loon project, which hopes to bring Wi-Fi to remote areas via high-altitude balloons. Whether he can transfer that energy to safe nuclear reactors remains to be seen, but his efforts alone should inspire hope.


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