Meet Erica, the Most Advanced Autonomous Android Yet! (VIDEO)

Meet Erica, the Most Advanced Autonomous Android Yet! (VIDEO)

The famous robotic expert Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, along with his colleague Dr. Dylan Glas, present his latest creation Erica the world. It is a realistic android, designed to resemble a Japanese woman of 23 years of age with long hair and although she has limited mobility, has an autonomous artificial intelligence that allows her to converse with humans. Erica is the result of the most funded scientific project in Japan called "JST Erato", the combination of the efforts of universities in Osaka and Kyoto, and the Institute of Advanced International Telecommunication Research.

The Japanese Ishiguro explains, believe that everything has a soul, so the project of science is a philosophical pursuit of them, as it is a technology. They are interested in knowing what it means to be human in this project, and Ishiguro believes that Erica is the key to our understanding of human existence. His autonomous artificial intelligence was created and cured by Dr. Dylan Glass in the last two years, which gives him a personality and even a sense of humor.

Erica's skin is crafted from silicone and most of its mobility is designed so it may seem realistically involved in a conversation (upper body is limited freedom of 20 degrees). It is equipped with 14 infrared depth sensors, facial recognition capability and a pair of 16-channel microphone sets so you can hear the sounds, locate where you come or recognize when you start or talk. In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, Erica wondered about her hopes and dreams, assuming a self-awareness of her limited mobility and waiting to get out of the room is in a day and see the world. Ishiguro and Glas have the same goal of creating autonomous androids as Erica; They want to create androids that you can think of, act on and do everything possible entirely on your own and one day release them into society so they can live with us.


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