Samsung Brings Hiberpod Home Hibernation Technology to the Masses

Samsung Brings Hiberpod Home Hibernation Technology to the Masses

Samsung is rushing to market with what will be the very first hibernation pods designed for consumer use. These hibernation pods are also a lot more advanced than even some commercial ones, utilizing a triple cooling system for rapid and safe use. The Hiberpod can slow down the function of internal organs and metabolic rate so as to pause life on earth up to 30 years. Users can also adjust the rate to their liking in yearly increments, perfect for when you cannot wait a year for your favorite TV show season to come back.

There will be various Hiberpod designs available including family sized Hiberpods and single-child sized pods if your children value their privacy. The child sized Hiberpods can also be used by various pets, as long as they are warm blooded and no larger than medium-sized dog breeds. Those who have a Great Dane or an Alpacca would have to upgrade to the American style Hiberpod. Average single Americans would have to upgrade to Family-sized Hiperpod to fit comfortably.

Samsung Brings Hiberpod Home Hibernation Technology to the Masses

Just because the cryogenically frozen user is in a temporary state of inanimation, it does not mean that they can’t do anything during that time either. Samsung has outfitted each Hiberpod with a Neural Media system so users can keep up with all the latest movie and TV content. Samsung has partnered up with NetFlix so users can literally NetFlix and Chill while inside. Each Hiberpod also has a social media auto-posting capability, so users can keep on tweeting or updating their Facebook status while asleep.

Details about Samsung’s Hibernation technology will be unveiled on the US Samsung Forum scheduled for May 24, 2018, but users can sign up to be a beta test participant starting April 1.


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