AltSchool, the "school laboratory" with hyperpersonalized classes by computer and cameras that monitor the 24 hours

In this school in San Francisco, USA, classes are taught by the computer and not by the teacher.

Each student has a "personalized list" with the subjects to be studied and elaborated by a developing algorithm.

Cameras monitor the behavior of children and educators and engineers work on that algorithm that serves to personalize the contents to fit the child.

"If anyone is better than me in reading, he will study things of a more advanced level," explains Miles, a 10-year-old student from AltSchool.

For Miles, the system is "fun" because it allows you to have a "much more personalized" learning, he says.

Its creator, Max Ventilata-a Silicon Valley businessman who worked on Google-wants to sell his idea to public schools to make it accessible to everyone and that "children have the best education in the future," he says to the BBC.

However, at the moment it is not within the reach of all families. Tuition costs $30, 000 a year, and there's only eight in America.

The method is controversial. Critics are concerned that it will reduce the strength and influence of teachers in the development of children.

But Ventilla defends it: "In technology there is a chain effect and more and more students and schools will use this system," he warns.


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