Europol warns that the new attack is more sophisticated than wannacry

The European police do not know yet how many victims there are, since the virus has not yet been stopped.

The European Police Office, Europol, today warned that the new massive attack that began to spread yesterday around the world has not yet been stopped and seems more sophisticated than the WannaCry virus released a month ago.

"There are clear similarities with the WannaCry attack, but also indications of a more sophisticated attack capability with the intention of exploiting a range of vulnerabilities," said Europol executive director Rob Wainwright in a statement.

The European Police Office has described the new virus as "another serious attack ' ransomware ' (cyber data hijacking) with global impact, although the number of victims is still unknown."
"At this point, it is not yet possible to say how many victims have been infected," said Europol, which has highlighted that, unlike the operation of WannaCry, the new virus "does not include a disconnect button."

Europol has recommended those affected not to pay the ransom required, first because they would finance the cybercriminals, and secondly, because it is not clear that by accessing blackmail they could retrieve the abducted data.

This agency of the European Union instead advises that in case of infection contact the local police authorities and that the affected equipment be disconnected from the internet to try to avoid the spread of the virus.


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