Apple Is Making Good Progress on Its Self-Driving Car Tech

Apple’s self-driving tech is progressing nicely.

Even though the company has not revealed much information regarding its self-driving endeavors at first, it looks like this strategy is outdated. According to AI research director Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Apple’s self-driving project has come a long way. The news was revealed via a recent presentation, and it highlights a rather interesting system based on onboard cameras. These cameras are able to identify objects even in difficult situations. These include raindrops covering the lens or pedestrians hidden from sight behind parked cars. Moreover, the system is able to create detailed 3D maps using the car’s sensors. Snappy decision-making is also a part of the deal, which makes the entire system look even more impressive.

It’s not yet clear how Apple plans to commercialize this self-driving tech. The tech giant is not likely to sell its own cars, but it could license its work to other parties. Still, Salakhutdinov’s presentation shows that Apple is willing to open up about its AI research. This could be in part due to the struggle of attracting AI talent, as most of these individuals would rather receive some form of academic recognition based on their efforts. A secretive approach is not likely to ensure this, hence the change. By taking on a more open approach, scientists who would otherwise work with companies such as Google and Facebook could very well seek a spot in Apple’s team.


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