Zanco – Worlds Smallest Phone Hits Kickstarter!

Zanco Tiny T1

In phone sizes, we appear in recent years to have come full circle. Starting out as massive bricks we went down to the reasonably small Nokia 3310. Since then, however, each new model of phones seems to get bigger and on some occasions heavier.

Now, of course, markets change. When the Nokia 3310 ruled the earth, we didn’t have any need or requirement for a large screen. These days phones are, for all intents and purposes, more portable media players and as such, a nice big screen is a major factor.

One company, however, seems to want to buck the trend. Via the Kickstarter page, Zanhasave announced plans to create the worlds smallest mobile phone, the Zanco Tiny T1. If the images are anything to go by, this phone is going to be microscopic!

A small working mobile phone!

One of the major factors they have used to promote the phone is its tiny size. The comparisons they have drawn to other phones and even a £2 coin show just how little the Zanco Tiny T1 is.

For an early bird pledge of just £30, you could be the owner of the worlds smallest phone for very little money.

Now, this phone, other than its size, it not going to have a lot else going for it. It, therefore, will not be an iPhone X beater. For the price though, to get a working phone that would at least be unique is rather tempting.

The size of the phone has led to concern from some areas. Specifically in regards to the smuggling of phones into prisons. Given the size (which as you can see in the top photo is a little over twice the width of the charger) this shouldn’t be too difficult to *ahem* insert.

Unfortunately, I think I’ll give the Zanco Tiny T1 a miss. My sausage fingers barely cope with my iPhone. I would, however, possibly send some of the most cryptic text messages ever.

What do you think? A great idea or ridiculous? – Let us know in the comments!


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