Burger King Use The Whopper To Explain Net Neutrality Repeal

Burger King

When Net Neutrality was repealed in the US back in December 2017 it was against the wishes of the vast majority of the public. At least, the vast majority who knew what net neutrality was.

I must admit, when the original repeal was proposed by the FCC in American last November, I understood the concept, but not the actual application. Rest assured, I very quickly made it my business to find out.

Explaining it to someone who doesn’t know about net neutrality can be quite difficult though.

Net Neutrality

Burger King has emerged as a surprise candidate to explain what net neutrality is using their burgers as a metaphor.

The simple premise they put across is that if you order a whopper, the price will depend on how quickly you want it. Not a bad analogy to explain what the worse case scenario could be following the repeal.

The Whopper as a metaphor

In the video below, they use the Whopper as a genius metaphor. Customers are shown ordering the iconic burger with staff asking them which they would like. Each option with vastly different prices.

The bottom line is that you have to pay to get your burger quickly. If you pay less, you will still get the same burger, just a lot slower (and possibly cold).

A surprising supporter

During the short period between the proposal and the repeal, there were many high-profile companies who spoke out against net neutrality. I don’t recall Burger King’s name being mentioned, but that is entirely possible that I didn’t because it wasn’t reported.

While it is a bit late to the party, I seriously applaud Burger King for this video. It goes a long way to explaining what the worst case scenario for the repeal of Net Neutrality could be. Something I am concerned about now in the UK.

In addition, it’s explaining something using food. Who isn’t going to get it?

What do you think? A fantastic idea? Too late to warrant its creation? Is support growing for the re-introduction of net neutrality in the US? – Let us know in the comments!


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