Man Bites Apple iPhone Battery With Explosive Results

Apple iPhone

There are many things you can do with an Apple iPhone. You can call your friends or family, download apps, take photos. One thing you can not do, however, is eat it. One man in China had to learn that the hard way.

Now, despite Apple‘s name and logo, it doesn’t actually mean that their products are edible. It did, however, spawn one of the biggest urban myths about the image of the company.

Alan Turing

In 1954 Alan Turing died of cyanide poisoning. Suffering from the previous year’s effects of hormonal treatment due to the prosecution for his homosexuality, next to his body was found an Apple with a bite missing.

Whether this was death by suicide or accident is unclear. For years, however, many thought that given that Alan Turing was seen as the father of modern computing, Apple may have adopted the logo as an homage to him.

Well, Steve Jobs himself shot this rumor down stating that he “wished [they] had thought of it”.

Anyway, back to the idiot eating the iPhone. I am not personally aware if he knew of this story or not, but either way, he decided to try and take a bite of the phone’s battery, with explosive results.

What happened?

In the video below, the man decided to bite the phone’s battery. For what reason, no one can say. Perhaps he was trying to win a Darwin award? Who knows. Either way, the results were certainly spectacular.

The phone can be seen erupting in flames and promptly explodes. Unfortunately, the young lady standing next to the man seems to get the worst of it catching the full explosion in the face.

Fortunately, no one was thought to be injured in the incident, although I daresay he may have lost his taste for batteries.

One can only hope that this doesn’t replace the Tide Pods challenge.

What do you think? What exactly was this guy trying to do? – Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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