Flexible and unbreakable! Samsung Display could change the future of smartphones

It occurred to all of us that the phone sometimes fell or slipped out of our hands, breaking or damaging the screen. However, the future of smart phones could be about to change. A new type of panel for the screen of telephones manufactured by Samsung Display has passed a series of tests of durability in the United States, fulfilling the norms established by the Department of Defense. Samsung calls the panel "unbreakable" and has big ambitions for him in the near future.

The panel is composed of a flexible OLED screen, with a plastic substrate window attached to it, resulting in a much harder combination than the glass and OLED screens we see on most devices today. While smartphones will be the main use, Samsung Display also hopes to use the panel in educational environments, cars, or even in military situations.

You may wonder how hard this screen really is. The tests were conducted by product safety experts from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), where he passed a 1.2 meter drop test, 26 times in a row, without presenting any damage at all. He then went on to complete a 1.8 meter drop test, and went through high and low temperature tests, with excellent results. This means that the Samsung Display panel easily exceeded the military standards used by UL.

The benefits of a super resistant plastic panel, which works like glass, are clear and obvious, and if we drop our phone we will not have to deal with the problems of an impending bill when it hits the ground. While it is true that there are currently some resistant phones, they are generally thicker, heavier or just not attractive, or do not have a smooth performance, so it highlights the need for a phone with a modern and elegant design, which also has Reliable specifications, and that does not break easily.

However, remember that the UL test is a controlled laboratory test, rather than what happens in everyday situations, which means that the results may vary once you try it on a regular-use phone.

Although, the Samsung Display company is proud of its unbreakable screen, it has not offered information on when production will begin, or when it will be used in a device that is available in the market. It is possible that the panel can be used in upcoming phones, such as the Galaxy S10 or the rumored Samsung Galaxy X, but until the company officially announces that it will use the special Samsung Display panel, we will not know for sure. It only remains to wait, and of course, we will keep you informed. Meanwhile, it would not be a bad idea to take care of your phone with a protective case.


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