The future of cycling was revealed in Eurobike with the DrivEn chainless bicycle

The future of cycling could have been revealed at Eurobike, an annual cycling fair that is taking place this week in Germany. At the event, a company called CeramicSpeed presented the prototype of a bicycle that looks like something out of a futuristic film, complete with a revolutionary new chainless transmission system that promises to be a revelation for cyclists, improving speed and efficiency without an increase in pedaling.

CeramicSpeed developed its new system, called DrivEn, together with the mechanical engineering department of the University of Colorado. The innovative crank set eliminates the traditional chain drive, and replaces it with a system that uses 21 ceramic brackets to transfer the energy generated by the pedals through gears mounted on the front and rear. This considerably reduces the amount of moving parts involved with the drive train.

The DrivEn prototype eliminates the chain and pulleys found in most traditional bicycles, which has the effect of reducing the amount of friction points found in the transmission system. As the chain slides through a typical bicycle crank, there are eight points where it can generate friction, which reduces efficiency. But the new CeramicSpeed ​​disc reduces that number to just two points of friction, which means that a greater part of the energy generated when pedaling goes directly forward, which translates into more speed for less work.

In addition, according to CeramicSpeed, the DrivEn bike becomes more efficient at higher speeds. In fact, the company says that when a cyclist reaches 380 watts of power, the efficiency increases to 99 percent, something that is not possible in a traditional bicycle model. If that is true, that means that almost all the power generated by a cyclist is transferred directly to the wheels of the bicycle.

It is not clear if the DrivEn system will be launched on the market, or when this will happen, but it does show the level of technology and innovation that the cycling industry is playing at the moment. The prototype was even good enough for CeramicSpeed to win the Design Award at the Eurobike Convention, which indicates a product that will be worth paying attention to in the future.


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