This robotic arm printed in 3D has very ... human movements

We are well aware of the projects carried out by the YouBionic prosthesis firm, which has left us speechless with previous developments that have evolved over time to reach what appears to be a consolidated product. We refer to the robotic arm printed in 3D developed by the company that could be used in many purposes, both for people who have lost their limb or robotized arm itself.

The fact that it has been made using 3D printing means that it can be used in the future in many places around the world. "What we can see in the video is the sum of the components that have shown the best results", explains Federico Ciccarese, founder of YouBionic; "These components will form the basis of what we do in the future," he explains.

What do you mean exactly? If you take a look at the video you will understand it instantly: the arm is capable of making strikingly realistic movements, as if it were a human limb. Thus, these components allow more natural rotating movements, the rotation of the hand and the flexion of the elbow. They also allow a superior application of force, so that it can be applied in the real world in a way similar to that of a natural hand.

It can be controlled remotely or by pre-programmed movements, or as seen in the video, it can be programmed to emulate the real movements of an arm. Ciccarese explains that his challenge now is to make the electrical impulses of the brain serve to apply commands to the device, just as the flesh and blood arms do. "We want to evolve humanity using 'mechatronics': think of a robotic being managed by a human brain, that's what we're creating."

Another advantage of the scheme proposed by this product is the modularity: thus, for example, the fingers can be assembled individually and create specific configurations for the tasks for which the arm will be used; in the web of the product suggest, a hand with three clips or a bionic arm that can be used in armor worn by soldiers. Awesome, right?


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