Robert Kiyosaki called for the purchase of bitcoin. Businessmen disagreed

Robert Kiyosaki called for the purchase of bitcoin. Businessmen disagreed

The author of the best-selling book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" accused the U.S. of supporting zombie companies and recommended investing in BTC as a protective asset. Billionaire Cuban and gold supporter Peter Schiff told what is wrong with cryptocurrency

The U.S. Federal Reserve is dead, said the author of the bestselling book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki. According to him, the U.S. government has allocated $900 billion in financial support to zombie companies, and these funds will never be returned. Therefore, investors should buy protective assets such as gold, silver and bitcoin.

"The Fed is dead. Loans to the heads of zombie companies cannot be returned. In 2020, zombies must pay $900 billion. By 2021, the debt of zombies will exceed $1.6 trillion. Have you already bought gold, silver, bitcoin?" wrote Kiyosaki on his Twitter account.

However, billionaire and owner of basketball club "Dallas Mavericks" Mark Cuban treats the cryptocurrency less favorably. He believes bitcoin is worse than bananas. Reason: transactions on the BTC network are slow, and it is not allowed to eat and obtain nutrients. Earlier, Cuban saidthat the asset can never become a reliable currency, because it is too difficult to use, easy to crack and lose, it is difficult to understand and determine value.

The head of Euro Pacific Capital and gold supporter Peter Schiff also has a negative view of the main digital asset. On Twitter, he wrote that the price of bitcoin "even close" will not come close to its historical high of $20,000. And precious metal, on the contrary, this year will set a new record of value.
At the same time, Schiff admitted that he made a big mistake not buying BTC at $1 eight years ago. In 2011, the perpetual critic of cryptocurrency gave a report, saying that he would prefer to invest $10,000. in gold than in BTC, as it is not known what will happen to the last in a few years. Since then, the coin has shaken by 900,000%.

Today, June 29, investor and entrepreneur Jason Kalakanis saidthat 99% of cryptocurrencies are garbage, which was developed by unqualified idiots. The remaining 1% of projects "gives hope." If these cryptostarts have a product and users, they may change the world.


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