The Ethereum network was under attack. Blame miners

The Ethereum network was under attack. Blame miners

Large mining pools have singed blockchain cryptocurrencies with millions of transactions. Because of this, users were forced to overpay for the translation of coins

There was a spam attack on the Ethereum network. Miners filled the blockchain of the cryptocurrency with tens of thousands of transactions for insignificant sums. In a number of transfers, the volume of the sent cryptocurrency did not exceed 0.001 ETH ($0.23), Trustnodesreports.

Analysts of the portal reported that mining pools are responsible for the attack. For example, on June 24, the Ethermine pool committed more than 13,000. Transaction. Since the beginning of the spam, SparkPool and Nanopool have contributed even more, during which time they have made 6 million and 15 million transfers, respectively.

As a result, the Ethereum network was overwhelmed. On June 24, when the attack reached its peak, the cryptocurrency blockchain processed more than a million transactions. In total, mining pools made more than 50 million transfers for small sums. This led to a much increased average transaction cost to $0.75, and users were forced to pay $5-10 for the use of smart contracts.

At the end of May, the overload happened to the bitcoin network. In the blockchain of the first cryptocurrency formed a queue of unconfirmed transactions, and the size of the commission charged by miners increased 7-10 times compared to April.


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