Bitcoin will cost $100,000. Billionaire Max Kaiser is sure of it.

Bitcoin will cost $100,000. Billionaire Max Kaiser is sure of it.

The founder of Heisenberg Capital told when the first cryptocurrency will destroy all other coins, and which of them is "frank garbage"

Bitcoin will rise to $100,000, Heisenberg Capital founder and billionaire Max Kaiser said during his Keiser Report show on Russia Today.

"BTC will cost $100,000 per coin and will destroy anyone who gets in his way. This will solve the problem with all altcoins, especially those who receive state financial support. All of them will be erased by one bitcoin," Kaiser said.

He sharply criticized projects that received government subsidies from the U.S. government as support during the crisis. The list includes 75 companies related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, such as startup ConsenSys, Wallet MyEtherWallet and the IOHK project, which is the developer of the Cardano token (ADA). The total amount of payments was $30 million, Coindeskreports.

In February, Kaiser predictedthat the value of bitcoin would rise to $400,000. The billionaire did not name the reasons and timing of the rise in the price of cryptocurrency, but noted that at the rate of $9000-10,000 it is as attractive an investment as it once was at a price of $100.


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