Burning Binance Coin tokens and launching Tron 4.0. Highlights of July

Burning Binance Coin tokens and launching Tron 4.0. Highlights of July

In the next month, several events will occur on the cryptocurrency market, which can affect both the value of individual coins and their overall capitalization

Launch TRON 4.0

At the end of May 2020, the imminent launch of TRON 4.0 was announced. The update should be a "turning point" for the project, its founder Justin Sun said. Confidential smart contracts will appear on the TRON network, the confirmation time of the block will be reduced from 53 to 3 seconds, there will be cross-chain support, and a universal framework for business solutions will be presented.

What can be affected:

Tron Course

ICON Network Update

Icon developers have presented a timetable for the project's renewal. On July 14, an update will be released for Pagoda, Yeouido, July 20 for the exchanges and July 27 for the main network. Developers will add the ability to duplicate the private P-Rep key, stacking, and delegation function for SCORE. Multiple periods without stacking will also be added and the number of delegations increased from 10 to 100. The developers stressed that additional updates are possible within a month, which they will report in the coming weeks.

What can be affected:

ICON Price

The zcash network update

On July 16, 2020, the fourth major update, Heatwood, will be held on the 903,000 block of zcash. In a blog post, the company's developer Electric Coin Company announced two major changes to the zip 221 (FlyClient) and the zip 213 (Shielded Coinbase). The first is designed to provide greater compatibility and interaction with different blockchains, as well as reduces the requirements for devices with limited resources. The second will affect transactions for the block mined by the miners. Prior to the upgrade, such transactions required significant RAM and CPU resources.

What can be affected:

The cost of zcash

Burning BNB tokens

The second quarter of 2020 is over, it is time for the next, quarterly burning of Binance tokens. Last quarter, a record number of coins were burned: 3,373,988 BNB total value of $52.5 million. At the moment, just over 20 of the 100 million BNB planned for burning have been withdrawn from circulation, which is 50% of the total emissions.

What can be affected:

Binance Coin Course


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