Hundreds of percent of the profits. 14 cryptocurrencies worth watching

Hundreds of percent of the profits. 14 cryptocurrencies worth watching

How the U.S. stock market has affected the value of low-capitalization digital money, which are more promising than bitcoin, and which is better to stay away from

The season of altcoins has started, said the head of Dogifox and the founder of the largest Youtube channel in the field of cryptocurrencies Nicholas Merten. He explained that the capitalization of the 100 largest digital coins overcame the downtrend in relation to bitcoin, which was in two and a half years. This makes it likely that the growth phase will begin for them.

According to Merten, low-capitalization coins will rise the most. These include, for example, deFi tokens. In the wake of these, larger altcoins such as Litecoin and Ethereum will show significant price increases. Merten said he expects the biggest growth from the 4 altcoins: Chainlink (LINK), Cosmos (ATOM), REN and iExec (RLC). The entrepreneur stressed that it is not necessary to consider the Cardano token (ADA) for investments. Since March, its rate has risen by almost 400%, now probably the beginning of correction.

Confidence in the start of the altcoin season was also expressed by well-known trader and analyst Peter Brandt. On his Twitter account, he posted a graph showing that the Ethereum course had overcome resistance to BTC. Probably, the coin continued to rise in value, and most altcoins will follow it.

Binance's head, Changpeng zhao, wrote that the value of not all cryptocurrencies will increase during the next season of altcoins. About 95% of projects have no chance of success, and only those that are consistently developing will thrive, according to zhao.

CRYPTOrg.Exchange CHIEF Andrey Podolyan explained that traders were tired of waiting for movement from the main cryptocurrency and began to "pump secondary ones". Therefore, the active alt-season began, and some coins made more than a hundred percent of the profits.

"Don't forget that violas stop growing when everyone trumpets their growth. And they stop falling when everyone shouts that everything is gone. Always advise to trade mainly bitcoin and a few other popular coins, especially now there are futures, you can earn on a long and short. If you fail to enter the violas, you can not go out in plus never. To trade violas you need a huge experience or strong luck to buy viola at the right moment of the market," Podolyan warned.

The expert named Raven (RVN), EOS, WRX as the most interesting of those altcoins that have not yet shown rapid growth. Also, the head of the exchange advised to pay attention to LINK.

Leading trader of United Traders Alexei Markov added that against the background of growing stock markets and the stabilized rate of bitcoin, some altcoins can greatly surpass the main cryptocurrency. The trader stressed that the digital asset market always lives by news trends, and it is extremely difficult to fundamentally evaluate individual coins.

"Now I have Dex and DeFi in focus. I'm looking at the zRX, REN, CEL, but I want to pay special attention to the Ocean protocol. Everything that is happening there is very promising now. But I really want to warn fans of "frenzied lawsuits", the risks in these tools are very high. All things being equal, even a slight reduction in the BTC/USD pair can collapse these violas by 30% or more. In any case, you don't have to take big shoulders and overload the sais," Markov recommended.

Private trader Alexander Boyarintsev named the development of blockchain technology and decentralized services as the main driver of the growth of altcoins. For example, DeFi and decentralized financial services created on them, which in the near future may become a big market.

"I think that the addition of capitalization and proportion on the market will also remain, bitcoin will be the main cryptocurrency, then the rest. In the near future, four coins look promising: Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano," Boyarintsev said.

The altcoin season has already begun, as the coins gradually win back market share from bitcoin and show multiple growth. Experts explained that this may be due to low price volatility of BTC and growing stock markets. However, experts warned that at the moment when everyone starts talking about the rising cost of altcoins, they may start to get cheaper. In this case, you can stay in the red for a long time, so you need to weigh all the risks before buying low-capitalization cryptocurrencies.


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