Hackers hacked Trump's website and placed wallets to collect cryptocurrencies

Unknown people suggested that the public send them digital money to decide by voting whether to publish "secret information". According to it, the current U.S. government is allegedly involved in the emergence of coronavirus

Hackers hacked the website of US President Donald Trump's campaign and left a message on it saying they were able to access "secret information." The data purportedly proves the U.S. government's involvement in the "coronavirus" and Trump's collusion with other states to change the outcome of the election.

Unknown on the website of the campaign headquarters also left the addresses of two wallets to collect the cryptocurrency Monero. One was intended for those who wanted to make "secret information" public, the other for those wishing to keep the information secret. Hackers promised to calculate the collected sums and on the basis of this to decide how to deal with compromising data.

"The time has come to let the world know the truth. Several devices were hacked and gave full access to Trump and his family," the hackers said.

This isn't the first attempt by criminals to cash in on Trump's personality. In May, ransomware group REvil promised to publish 756GB of data, including the "dirty secrets" of US President Donald Trump. The attackers demanded a payment of $42 million in Bitcoin or Monero.


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