Hacker stole cryptocurrency for $ 600 thousand from users of the Li Finance project


Hacker stole cryptocurrency for $ 600 thousand from users of the Li Finance project

The developers of the protocol disclosed the details of the incident and assured that the vulnerability that the attacker took advantage of was detected and fixed

The hacker took advantage of the vulnerability of the smart contract of the Li Finance project and stole cryptocurrency for $ 600 thousand from the wallets of 29 users. The attack was committed at 5:51 Moscow time on March 20, the attacker managed to steal 10 different altcoins, including USD Coin, Polygon, Rocket Pool, Gnosis, Tether, Metaverse Index, Audius, AAVE, Jarvis Reward Token and DAI.

The project team reported the incident on the Twitter account. The emergency became known 12 hours after the attack, at 17:15 Moscow time, after which all exchange functions on the platform were disabled. At 5:50 Moscow time on March 21, the team published in the blog details of what happened.

It is known that the hacker exchanged the stolen tokens for 205 Ethereum worth approximately $ 600 thousand As of March 21, 9:55 Moscow time, the cryptocurrency remains on the attacker's wallet. Li Finance claims to have discovered and fixed the vulnerability that caused the hacking.

Of the 25 wallets, the funds were reimbursed. However, they accounted for only $ 80 thousand in cryptocurrency or 13% of the total. Project managers contacted the owners of the remaining addresses, who lost about $ 517 thousand, and offered them a compensation plan. Also, the Li Finance team contacted the hacker and offered him a reward for the return of stolen funds.


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