Users need to update: Serious vulnerability discovered in popular antivirus software

Users need to update: Serious vulnerability discovered in popular antivirus software

A serious security vulnerability makes a popular antivirus software and its users vulnerable. As the software giant McAfee has announced, customers now urgently need to initiate an update.

With the antivirus software "McAfee Total Protection" was a serious Security hole discovered. According to a report by the company, the gap lurks in the "Quick Clean" feature. This is usually used to create areas on the PC , which can be cleaned up quickly. According to the report, however, the feature can be exploited by attackers.

This would allow the attackers to store other data on the Windows PC to delete. McAfee says that this can also happen with systemically important files, which can eventually lead to a breakdown of the operating system. However, the gap should not be reliably reproduced.

McAfee with Vulnerability: What Antivirus Users Should Do Now

In the meantime, Mcafee also provided a patch to close the gap again. The update should download automatically as soon as the program boots up with the system. If you are unsure whether you have already installed the update, you can check the McAfee version number. With the new fix, this should be 16.0.43.

How exactly the vulnerability can be triggered, McAfee does not reveal. Finally, there are users who have not downloaded the update. Should there be more information about the gap in the future, we will supplement it later.


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