In the US, launched mining at a nuclear power plant

The American company TeraWulf, which mines bitcoins, used the first 8 thousand miners at the facility connected to the nuclear power plant, and plans to double this number in the coming weeks

The American mining company TeraWulf announced the launch of a bitcoin mining site that receives 100% of the energy from a nuclear power plant. A joint 200 MW Nautilus facility with Cumulus Coin is connected to the Susquehanna nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. The press release says that this is the first bitcoin mining site in the United States, operating on 100% of nuclear energy.

In the US, launched mining at a nuclear power plant

TeraWulf's share of the facility is 50 MW (25%), which it plans to fully tap into by May. The company has already connected almost 8 thousand miners to the network, which corresponds to a hash rate of about 1 EH / s. The same number of devices it plans to deploy in the coming weeks and bring its hash rate to 1.9 EH / s. In addition, TeraWulf intends to further increase its capacity in Nautilus by another 50 MW.

According to TeraWulf CEO Paul Prager, bitcoin mining on this site is profitable, since the electricity tariff is one of the lowest in the sector. For five years, the company will pay as little as $0.02 per kWh.

TeraWulf expects that taking into account another Lake Mariner facility in New York, by the beginning of the second quarter the number of mining devices it uses will reach 50 thousand with a total hashrate of 5.5 EH / s and a capacity of 160 MW.


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